The Real Reason Why Most Businesses Fail

You’re constantly reading about how must businesses fail in their first five years. Not sure what the statistic is, but it’s pretty grim. Common knowledge is that most business fail because of lack of capital. Personally, I don’t believe that at all! Being a marketer, I believe that most businesses fail because they don’t do the basics when it comes to marketing.

Here’s a free program for you, which you can implement right now to sell more and gain more clients/customers.

I call it my Refer A Friend program. I’m sure you’ve seen this, and I of course, didn’t invent it. But, it’s shocking how many businesses don’t do this.

It goes something like this. If you refer a new client/customer, you either get something extra or you get a certain percentage off your own order.

Setting this up isn’t hard, either, since it’s a one time deal for a new customer.

If you don’t really know how to work this in your own business, contact me. I can help you outline what to do!

How To Implement:

1. Think about what it is you want to use as a reward.

2. Also, consider how you’ll track this. You might do it manually for a while, just to prove it’s worth doing.

3. If I were you, I’d market the daylights out of this! Press releases, videos, blog posts, ads, more!

Need Help?

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