Small Business Blogging Tips to Attract New Customers

blogging for businesses

Small Business Blogging is an essential, yet often overlooked marketing tactic. With all of the connection points that are seemingly required in order to market your business today, it can get confusing as to which one or two you should focus on. You may be asking whether or not you should focus your attention on…

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Why Mobile SMS Marketing Is So Important To Your Business

mobile sms marketing stats

Mobile SMS marketing is here to stay… You’ve probably noticed that the people in and around your business often have their attention glued to some handheld electronic device. You may actually also be like your customers in that respect. It’s hard to go anyplace in our society without seeing people openly using a mobile device…

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Simple Steps to Protect Your Corporate Reputation


Whether your company does business locally or internationally, Managing Your Corporate Reputation is critical.  Here’s why: It’s quite likely that your company has been reviewed online by customers that have received service from you. It is one of the subtle differences that the online world has brought to doing business. While on the one hand,…

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How to Build Consumer Email Lists for Your Business


For a company to effectively manage its online presence, it is a necessary factor for them to be able to make sure that they are actively building and maintaining consumer email lists. This is much easier than it has been in the past, because businesses can easily collect the kind of contact information that most…

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Online Local Business Marketing Tips and Strategies


Marketing hasn’t changed as much as you think over the years.  But technology sure has. One of the keys to success of local business marketing today  is to be every place where your customer is. In the past, this was easy. You could put up a website or a blog, announce to your customers where…

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That’s Edu-Tainment!

Would you like to sell more? Then start selling less! Best Selling author Jeffrey Gitomer says “People hate to be sold, but they sure love to buy!” The days of selling ice to Eskimos are over. People don’t have time or patience for pushy salespeople and get turned off by high-pressure tactics. Instead, consumers are…

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Ignite Every New Customer Relationship!

You only get one chance to make a first impression! Here’s a great way to make sure that every new relationship gets off to a fast start! Use an “Ignition Message” to light the fuse on every new prospect and customer you meet. Now is the time to set yourself apart and differentiate yourself from…

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Make More Sales With Video!

If you’ve been doing any of the tips and hacks that I’ve been talking about in this series, then you’ve created quite a lot of content…and you’re probably already seeing the benefits—more visits to your website, more emails in your autoresponder, more leads, more prospects, even more sales. Want to supersize that? Here are two…

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How To Leverage Your Industry

Here’s a painless way to create more content, more leads, more sales. Create a “state of the industry” report. Put that report on your website. Email it to your list. Offer it as a giveaway. Do all the stuff with it that I preach in these emails. The report doesn’t have to be long. 5…

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Marketing 101, Again!

How often I see businesses miss out on this incredible opportunity to make 30% more in each sale! I’m amazed at this, and I don’t want you to be making this mistake. What am I talking about? Well, MacDonalds calls it “supersizing”. I call it upgrading the offer. At the point of sale, you always…

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