The Free Lead Generation Tool You’ve Never Thought Of

More leads, leads to more prospects, leads to more sales, and that my friend leads to more revenue. More revenue is, of course, what this whole business thing is all about, right?

So, how do you create more leads?

Here’s a tip for you. Take another look at Twitter. As a social media platform, it’s one of the most powerful out there. A lot of people get lost on Twitter, so let me give you a few tips.

How To Implement:

1. Ignore the newsfeed. It’s useless for our purposes.

2. Start figuring out how your target market tags their posts. I’m talking about hashtags here.

3. Consider using software like Hootsuite to post new content on your Twitter account regular. You’ll need at least five posts a day to make an impact. (That’s why I said software!)

4. Make sure your profile contains a call to action and a link to your website, if that’s part of your call to action.

It might take a while to set this up, but what’s going to come out of it is new leads for your business. People will go to your website, email you, or even direct message you on Twitter. You might want to turn notifications on on your phone, or have an employee do that so you can take care of your new prospects in real time!

Need Help?

If you would like help implementing these marketing tips, or would like to discuss the many ways that we can help you make “More Sales Now”, visit our “Contact Us” page and let us know how we can help you!