Why You’re Having Trouble Building Your Email List

I see this a lot! Businesses try to build an email list and… not much happens. The issue is this. Marketing online is very detail oriented and actually takes quite a lot of experience. It’s hard for people to just come in from another business model and succeed at it.

Here’s an example.

A lot of businesses assume that they need to collect more not less information on their squeeze page. So, they ask name and email, of course, but then they ask for the phone number, the mailing address, and also ask the visitor to fill in a few answers to some generic questions.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Why? Well, in a word, TRUST! The person just landed on your page and you want to know their life history.

Do this instead.

Have a two step process. On your initial squeeze page ask for name and email only. Then in your follow ups ask for the extra information. Incentivize it if you need to!

How To Implement:

Try it both ways and split test it! There are click tracking apps that keep track of how many people landed on a given page and how many clicked on this and that. Use that intelligence to see which page your market responds to the most. Let me know if you need help with this!

Need Help?

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