This Technique Is A Loaded Gun!

I’m sure you’ve seen this, and you might even have been tempted to do it. But rest assured…it’s a loaded gun!

I’m talking about putting a quick countdown timer on a sales page and giving your prospect only a short amount of time…fifteen, thirty minutes or so…to buy at a discounted price.

I’ve tested this and the results are questionable at best. My feeling is that people don’t like being rushed, and rushing them more only leads to people not buying. Personally, I like to start out on a much better footing with my clients and customers than this.

I’ve heard from others in the business that this technique actually works. I suspect it works with some buyers in some niches and not others.

In these emails, I suggest a lot of things for you to do. Things that will absolutely increase your bottom line.

In this email, I’m suggesting that you take a long, hard look at this particular strategy. It’s a loaded gun. Could go off at any time. Just make sure you’re not looking down the barrel when it does!

How To Implement:

Maybe best not to… (but if you do, make sure to do a proper split test).

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