This Old School Internet Marketing Hack Works!

Okay, I kind of mislead you in the subject line. This isn’t a hack exactly. But it is definitely old school.

Your smart phone is for more than just social media, taking pictures of your dog, and Googling stuff. It’s a phone! Start using it to talk to people!

So many businesses get tired of being hit up by marketers that they started hiding their phone numbers on their websites. Bad idea. Having to answer the phone and tell a salesperson no thanks, is just part of the deal. Who else is calling? Your customers! Hello!

The whole “if you need customer service hit 1, if you need accounting hit 2,” thing has really gone too far. Sure, it all has to be cost efficient, but how much would your business stand out if you actually answered the phone like people used to.

XYZ Consulting…How Can I Help You Today?

That sort of thing!

I would encourage you to try this for a month and see what the feedback is. My guess is you’ll keep doing it!

How To Implement:

Easy, when the phone rings answer it!

Need Help?

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