Leverage Other Experts To Establish Your Credibility!

Here’s a great way to easily increase your visibility and establish yourself as a bona fide expert in your business, even if you’re not really one at all!

And, it’s completely legitimate.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, then I’m sure you know of people who are looked at as experts in that business. Instead of competing with them, how about cooperating with them?

Help them help you!

How To Implement:

Once a month reach out to a new expert and ask to interview them. You can use GoToMeeting, Skype, or Zoom for this, among other platforms. Send them a list of questions you’re going to ask them, and then for about thirty minutes to an hour, interview them.

Interviewing is actually not that difficult to do. You ask questions, then you be quiet while the other person explains. Experts love the attention, and they love to teach. Let them do the work for you. You be the beneficiary of their work.

This is kind of like the scrawny kid in school being all big and tough just because he or she is hanging out with the school bully. (But in a positive way! )

In all my emails, I’ve given you scores of ways to take content and use it. You can take this interview and put it on YouTube. You should link to that from social media. Of course, it goes on your blog. And, it gets emailed out to your growing list.

Pretty soon, people will be reaching out to you, seeking your advice as an expert!

Need Help?

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