Increase Your Website’s ROI Massively!

If you’ve been reading my emails and tips, then you know that I’m all about intelligent use of the Internet to grow your business. One of your top priorities should be to grow your email list. Another top priority should be to increase your reach on social media.

Here’s a quick way to do this, which is almost effortless once you set it up.

We call it Gated Content.

You see this all the time in news outlets. You’ll see a link to an article, and when you get there you can only read the first paragraph or so. Once you get that read, you’ll have to click a button to continue. Sometimes, it’s just a button that needs clicking. Other times, however, you’ll even have to submit your email to continue. Yet other times, you’ll have to share on your choice of social media outlets in order to continue.

Personally, I like the sharing strategy best. It’s a lot to ask for an email just to read an article. But, it’s really not that much to ask someone to share a link to their Twitter of Facebook accounts. When your reader shares, their friends and followers see the link. Some of them will then click that link and come to your website. Some of those folks will end up being customers and clients.

Best of all, once you set this up, it runs on its own!

How To Implement:

Determine what type of platform you use for your website, WordPress, Joomla, or is it just straight HTML (rare these days). Get with your web developer and ask them how to implement this strategy. It will take a little garden variety software to do. Nothing big, and probably either free or not expensive, either. The most important part is to get going!

Need Help?

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