How To Increase Business Buzz

Advertising is great. PR done right might even be better. We talked about HARO in another email. (Help A Reporter Out) If you missed that, let me know. I’ll send you the information.

Here’s more PR you can do for your business. Works even if you’re on a tight budget, too!

Buzzsumo is a website that tracks media buzz on various topics. Go there and enter your business type into the search bar. You’ll get back articles that are online along with metrics that show you how well they are performing.

The goal here isn’t to microanalyze all of this. The goal is to find names of journalists for you to send a pitch to about your business. Most by lines will link to a journalist’s page where they’ll have ways of contacting them through either email or social media or both.

Next, take a short pitch about your business and mail it to them or use social media to message them about it. Do a lot of these and chances are you’ll get some replies back.

If you keep at this, you might even end up with an article in USA Today or the Wall Street Journal!

How To Implement:

Remember the Nike tag line? Just Do It!

Also, try just going to big business magazine websites, like Forbes, Inc, or Entrepreneur. Search for relevant articles there. Contact those journalists too!

Need Help?

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