How To Better Bond With Your Customers

“Know, Like, And Trust!”

Those are some of the most important three words in marketing. Customers need to know, like, and trust you. Often we do that through salespeople or support staff. But, you can deepen your relationship with your customers and clients in other ways.

Here’s a great way to easily do this with video:

Create a video series of 5 minute interviews of your key people who work for you. Put theses videos on one page on your site. Invite your visitors to go to that page and watch them…and comment on them too! Put this up on YouTube and in general spread it all around the Internet.

How To Implement:

This is very easy to implement. For a camera use your smart phone. (Hold it sideways so that the video is horizontal!) Get with each of the people you’re interviewing and write a quick script of what you want them to cover. Let them be natural. Don’t script everything. Keep these short. 3 minutes is perfect!

Need Help?

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