Don’t Skimp On This!

There are a few key skills that all business people need. Basic accounting is one. Sales ability is another. But now, with the Internet, there’s another one that if you don’t have it, you need to at least have access to someone who does, and that’s the ability to write.

So much of the Internet is written. Even if you do just video marketing, you still have to write descriptions for your videos, and if someone’s going to watch them, you’ll have to send out an email to your list. Most people can write an email that says…hey, just created a new video, click here to watch. Here’s the deal though. Can you write in a way that sells your services and engages your reader.

Everything from blog content to elevator pitches to emails needs to sell. Not one inch (digital, of course) needs to be wasted. Fundamentally, if you’re not selling you’re not creating revenue.

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How To Implement:

If you haven’t already read books on sales and copywriting, especially Internet copywriting. You don’t have to become an expert. You just need to learn what you don’t know.

Need Help?

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