Answer Your Customers’ Questions In Advance! Make More Sales!

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is one of the stealthiest sales tools you can have in your arsenal. Think about yourself. Have you ever avoided calling a business, or reaching out to them, because there was some niggling detail about what they sold that you didn’t understand? Have you ever almost bought, but were held back by one little question…and that question never got answered, and you never bought!

It’s happened to all of us. There’s an old marketing adage…the confused mind never buys.

How many sales are you losing because your customers are confused, and you don’t know it?

Let’s solve that problem right now. Create an FAQ. Put that FAQ prominently on your website. Print it out for your promotional materials. Give it to your sales people. Get it as widely distributed as possible!

Doing this one thing will save you time and money in lost sales!

How To Implement:

Either think back to questions you’ve been asked by real customers, or if that doesn’t work, just put on your “customer hat” and look at your product/service from their point of view. What questions do they have, or would they have? Answer these as thoroughly and honestly as possible.

Next, publish this on your blog. You’ll want this to be a page that’s linked to from the navigation bar on your website. It’s that important!

Need Help?

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